Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Update ... yes I am still alive :)

Things have been nothing short of 'manic' lately.
These past few months have been very busy and I've found it difficult to find time to dedicate to the next assignment. However this being said, I do already have a whole range of images I need to sort into some kind of order and get moving which should progress me at least halfway through, so there is light at the end of tunnel … I just need to prioritize my work load!

That being said, I have been quite busy with my photography is another capacity, of which I am quite proud of.
I’ve been working with and supplying the ‘Snow Leopard Trust’ some of my photographs for their advertising and merchandise, working towards greater awareness for these endangered cats and helping their conservation.
Using imagery to spark awareness is one of the most effective ways at appealing to the public and spreading the word, by helping make people aware of the issues that are so often overlooked.
This has, from what I am told, gone down extremely well and the response to their cause has increased which is fantastic for all concerned, epically the snow leopard. Within the next 2 weeks we will also hear if they have won and/or come in the top 3 of the BBC World Challenge, which again my photographs have been used to aid the cause.

Other projects keeping me busy have been on a similar track, offering my photographs for advertising and commercial use to my local wildlife park, Marwell and Cotswolds Wildlife Park, both of which carryout fantastic conservation work.

I’ve have also taken it upon myself to create and publicize my own ‘coffee table’ style wildlife book, which can be seen here:

So, over the past few months, having a cause, a reason has greatly increased my appreciation for both photography and wildlife. I’m disappointed I haven’t been able to progress my course, but I will, that’s the beauty of it being part-time.  

Last of all, I’d just like to say this final statement:

“Sit back and imagine a world without the diverse wildlife we have, imagine waking up on a spring morning without the beautiful sound of birds singing in the trees. Not being able to take your child to a zoo to see their first tiger in the flesh, to hear its roar and witness the sheer power and presence of these magnificent animals. They are not there on show, but are part of a greater conservation effort. It’s now when you realise that we must act, to do what we can do to help.
With the obvious conclusion that we as a species could not survive without animals and insects, they have a right to be here and to be protected from us, who are their main source of distinction.”

Thank you