Friday, 15 July 2011

Fashion shoot for Alishas

I recently had another opportunity to photograph some portraits for a local business in Southampton.
I thought this would be another great venture to help develop my artistic potential and work with people, learning to interact, direct and aim to bring the models inner beauty out through various expressions.

Below, I would like to share some of the photographs taken.

All photographs have been slightly edited to enhance the colours and lighting, with the exception of the final image. I decided to edit this final photo so that it portrayed a mix of black/white and colour within it. I'm quite happy with the result here, as the main focus of the image stands out, yet the hands create an interesting feature that doesn't over power the image, but adds balance, contrast and statement. 

The next step is to airbrush some of the models to give them a more 'magazine' feel and look, which is then to be used as advertising. 

My personal preference would be to leave them as they are so that the models are shown in their raw natural beauty. 

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