Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Tutor Feedback for Assignment 2

Following on from my first assignment I had several reservations over whether or not I was going about this assignment correctly, through the photos I was taking, the written explanations and my blog/record of my progress and learning.

Having now received my second set of feedback from my tutor I am very pleased with the outcome.
Annoyingly I had forgotten to write the camera settings on my hard copy prints I sent in, although they were on my blog (my fault).

Some criticisms were valid; most I had noted in my self-appraisal, some I understand and know I should be doing, but at times I forget. It would also appear I have the right attitude as I progress, which is something I am definitely working on. The perfectionist in me keeps me on my toes.

There are a few areas I don’t agree with, whether this down to personal judgement I’m not sure, although I take onboard all comments and use them to move forward and I’m happy to do so, and in some instances I can see why the image would be improved or viewed differently.
As an example, my final image “Pattern” was an abstract view of a zebra, where I wanted to focus on the stripes and pattern, without drawing any unnecessary attention to other areas of the image. My tutor commented that it would have been nice to have something to hold on to visually, like an eye etc, including part of the head. Whether this would have created a different ‘feel’ to the image I don’t think I know enough to answer. Would it make it better, and is the answer to this subjective? I would say yes, but I don’t know enough to back that up confidently. I do however agree it would bring something more to the image, but in this instance I wanted it to remain more abstract.

Overall the comments and feedback I received have been great and has given me a huge confidence boost. “Very Striking”, “excellent shot”, “good selective focussing”, “beautiful”, “great rhythm” and “finding your own voice” are some of the highlights I am very pleased with.

All that’s left to say is .... On to Assignment 3!


Anna Goodchild said...

This is most encouraging Jason. I haven't seen anything recently - are you ok?

Jason Brown said...

Hi Anna, things are just a little bit manic with work currently, I've started the 3rd assignment but haven't written anything up yet. Struggling to find additional time at the moment. BUT I will :)

By the look of things everything is going well for you so far :)