Thursday, 24 March 2011

Exercise: Focus with a set Aperture

The idea here is to take 3 photographs of a subject where you can set the focus at different distances to demonstrate a change in depth of field.
Set 1

Set 2

Final Set
CLOSE FOCUS - f/5.6-1/1250-100-250mm

MIDRANGE FOCUS - f/5.6-1/1250-100-250mm

FAR FOCUS - f/5.6-1/1600-100-250mm

I enjoyed taking these photographs and changing the appearance of the photo by setting the focal point at different distances. Hence the reason I decided to include several sets.
I decided to put more focus on my photographs of the cats eyes and carriageway, perhaps partly because of my engineering background, although as the road bends away to the right I felt the depth of field and simplistic detail/structure of the photos blends itself together very well here.

With this arrangement I found myself drawn towards the 'Far Focus' photograph. I feel it gives more depth to the photo and a sense of personal journey.
However looking at the previous sets I prefer the 'Close Focus' shots and sharpness it brings to the forefront of the image. To my mind different subjects will give different results, different opinions and overall likeability and feeling towards the photograph.

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