Monday, 28 March 2011

It's Dark Day!

There's nothing like a set back that puts a damper on your day, and makes you think twice about how you are doing things!

Over the weekend, while working on my next post and set of exercises, the hard drive I kept all my photographs on decided to give up and die!
No amount of effort or well basically anything could retrieve the data, so I eventually lost everything. To my own admission and fault, I hadn't gotten around to backing my work up.
The next 6 exercises were lost as too where were a fair few photos :(

Thankfully this has given me a kick up the behind and I've now sorted a dedicated lap-top for my work and photo editing, together with an additional Portable Hard Drive for backing all my work up!
My equipment was new, who thought it would die on me .... Moral of the story .... Back it up!

6 weeks behind schedule, BUT I refuse to let this set back, deter me, we learn from our mistakes and battle onwards

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