Friday, 17 June 2011

Implied Lines

Lines, in one form or another, play an important role in composition and help you display and draw peoples eyes to what you want them to see and/or focus on.

In this next exercise I have to use the same principal as the previous 'line' exercises, however this time the lines used are more "Implied" rather than physical and can hold different meanings/directions.

Looking at the two photographs within the course material, you can see the implied lines and movement within the first photo of the matador and bull. The use of the cape give a strong feeling of movement as its swings in an arch or curve.
The second photo again shows movement through the galloping horses, however in this photo the dominate feature is the eye line between horse and man.

Selection of my Implied line photos;


The implied lines of traffic/car lights moving through a winding road give a sense of movement and curves.


The implied lines shown here give a connection between the 3 posts


There is an implied line of direction and movement taken from the child running in the field. Her hair and stature give a dominant feel to the image of movement and direction.

Extension of a line/lines

This photo was chosen to illustrate the extension of the suns rays that are dominant near the centre of the photo, and reach out beyond the clouds to the edges of the frame. The dark shadow of tree helps balance the photos as the suns rays draw attention and lead the eye back, forth and around the photo.

Eye line

This photo was taken whilst out hiking around National Trust premises in Hampshire.

A woman is shown here as she wanders through the blue bell fields whilst looking at the near by handkerchief tree.
One can imagine what she thinking from the tilt of her head, wonderful expression of thought and the section of tree foliage in focus, which draws towards it her eye line.

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