Friday, 17 June 2011

Rhythms and Patterns

The purpose of the final section and exercise is to demonstrate and understand the difference between Rhythms and Patterns.

The basic principal is that rhythms shown within photographs should display some form of sequence or movement within the frame, so that the eye follows a direction through the photo. Pattern is essentially a static object or arrangement that has no movement.


This image demonstrates the rhythm within this building by its arrangement of windows. Although a relatively simple image, it was taken from a slightly obscure angle to enhance the curvature of the building, whilst still allowing the eye to follow across from one side to the other.


Here is a slightly different composition to illustrate rhythm.

The line of coloured rocks in this modern art display help attract the eye down towards the pile on the floor, creating movement.


This display of different snowflake morphologies offers an excellent illustration of patterns.

In concluding this assignment, I can see that when taking photographs, the composition of the image as well as how it is brought to life through the use of lines and shapes is an important rule within elements of design. This is a desired aspect within photography which helps spark peoples imagination. Even the most talented of minds have undergone years of development in order to fine tune their artistic flair and vision.

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