Friday, 17 June 2011

Real and Implied Triangles

Here I have to demonstrate both 'Real' and 'Implied' triangle compositions.

As with the previous exercises, the process is the same, the ideas similar and the outcome to improve and understand how shapes (in this instance, triangles) both real and implied are important in composition.


Although not completely triangular in shape, on closure inspection you can see and identify several triangular shapes which help make up this hanging stone sculpture.


By lowering the angle of view and changing the perspective so that the base of the sculpture appears wider, it was possible to create a triangular shape converging at the top of the frame.


Using the same principle as above, however this time the photo was taken  from above the sculpture (note the floor below) so that a converging triangle is seen towards the bottom of the frame.

Implied ... (Still life to follow)

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