Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Positioning a Point

In this exercise I had to locate a suitable subject and photograph it to illustrate a Single Point of Interest.


I have chosen the main focus of this photo to be the grave stone in the foreground. The colours of the stone stand out well compared to the grass together with the background slightly out of focus help draw the eye towards the main point (Gravestone).


Here I decided to minimise the background clutter and focus in on the seagull perched on the nearby concrete ruin. I wanted to keep the horizon within the frame so that the image had a sense of scale.


Again I have opted to completely remove any background from the image in order to give a direct comparison between all three images. Choosing the a different AF point and panning the camera while following the bird enabled me to capture  the image so the bird is photographed in the lower left of the frame.

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