Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The relationship between points

In this exercise as with the previous one I had to photograph similar situations, however this time focusing on 2 points of interest and the relationship between them.
We are reminded that this type of  image can lead to ruined composition as the eye can be attracted to different points of the frame, each conflicting with one another. However one should always over shadow the other.


In this image the two daisy's are the main focus, while the grass and surroundings remain fairly in focus, the colours and shape detract the eye from this and help focus the attention towards the front daisy.


Here I am using the lines within the image to help attract the eye to the points where they meet with the architecture. The cluster on the left appears to stand out more, however as the eye scans the image the lines and structure within the image detract from this and lead you to the second focal point.


Zooming in on the two church spires of a similar scale has lead to more of a conflict, as each subject within the frame draws the eyes attention fairly equally. I feel the church cross draws slightly more attention as it is attached to the main buildings roof which itself comprises of nearly a quarter of the frame. However equally the pointed spire is separated from the cross enough so that the colours and shape attract the eye strongly.

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