Thursday, 5 May 2011

Tutor Feedback for Assignment 1

Well, its been awhile, since my last post.
I was waiting to receive my feedback from my tutor, so that I had some idea if I was going in the right direction with my photographs and writing/blog etc.

In the mean time I have been out and about taking photographs of local wildlife, visiting various National Trust places and viewing art galleries. Making sure my passion for photography continues and I don't get bogged in the course and forget why I am actually doing all this.
Pretty pleased with some of the shots I have taken, making sure I try to use what I have learnt so far, and incorporating that in every shot. I can definitely see a change from taking a photograph and having it as part of an album as opposed to having something that really makes you look at the photo and admire it, whether that's for its colours, composition or just because you managed to capture the true essence of your subject.

So ....
My tutor Report ..... To quote a well known phrase OMG!
If I were to say I was extremely happy with the comments, that would be an understatement!
Overall comments were well presented, good notes and technical info with excellent blog.
Each photograph within the assignment was commented on, with both good and constructive comments, some very good comments which I was surprised at (although I strive for perfection, attaining it in something I am relatively new at can be tricky ... need more self belief ).
My weakness was noted ... an area I know I need to improve on, and I shall ensure that over the duration of this course this improves.
All in all very positive, very happy with everything discussed and looking forward to getting starting on Assignment 2.

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