Friday, 1 April 2011


The object of this exercise is to take some of my existing photographs and look at how they are balanced.
whether this is by, subject, other objects, colour etc
Next to each photo you will a small chart showing my interpolation of the 'balance' in each photo.

Balance was straight forward here, with the statue dead centre and the two church towers either side.

Although I like the composition of this photo, the balance as I see it is slightly off centred, however this doesn't affect the image and makes it more appealing.
 Although the most dominate feature of this image is the sign post, I feel the background and washed colours help balance this photo out.
A good balance of deep colours and subjects help balance this photo.
Here each Dama Gazelle almost mirror each other as they playfully head butt each other! 
I like this image as it portrays a typical romantic link between each animal, although slightly cheesy!
The balance here is difficult to determine, as the lion statue is so dominate within the frame. Although at first glance it would appear off balance, I feel the nature of the background bring the image together, the subtle details of the windows, the house and vines all aid at balancing out the photo.

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