Saturday, 2 April 2011

Objects in Different Positions in the Frame

Composing an image should be a thoughtful process.
In order to understand the different areas of the frame and where to position your subject, this exercise is designed so that you choose a single subject and must show it in different positions while carefully thinking if the photographs works, why id does or doesn't and which appeals most.

f/5.0-1/400-100-135mm (Centred)
f/5.0-1/400-100-135mm (Lower Left)
f/5.0-1/400-100-135mm (Lower Right)
f/5.0-1/400-100-135mm (Upper Left)
f/5.0-1/400-100-135mm (Upper Right)
Reposition the Sun-dial within the frame in the above photos I feel tends to work better for the Upper Left and Upper Right. With in inclusion of the white flowers and contrasting greens faded in the background these two appeal to me more. The Lower Left and Right photos, I feel have lost to much detail of the sun-dial and the photos have become unbalanced in such a way that they do not look good.
The Centred photo lacks composition and appeal.

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