Friday, 1 April 2011

Positioning the Horizon

Manipulating the position of the horizon was the aim of this exercise.

Position of the Horizon towards the top, shows good detail in the mud flaps, the sun setting in the background adds to the composition of the photograph.

Horizon position slightly lower than above, the detail is lost in the bottom of the photo now which has perhaps lost some of the contrast across the image.

Horizon now mid way, the photo appears bland, the actual position of the horizon and detail within the photo do not blend well together.

The sky is more prominent in the photo above, the detail of the mud flaps, and curves draw your attention to the front of the photo where sun and clouds offer another attractive point of view.

With the horizon positioned along the bottom of the frame, the focus of the photo now becomes vast expanse of sky. The sun setting in the bottom left helps draw your attention away from the nothingness.

The horizon is now just below the bottom of the photo, small details are slightly visible.

A combination of low and high horizon lines work well here.
Looking through the photos I feel that there's a relationship between the horizon line and details within the frame that help with composition and determining if the horizon affects the photograph and how it looks.
I note that as rule of thumb horizons tend not to be positioned centrally, however there are always exceptions to this rule ... depending on the subject, detail and meaning.

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